Que diriez vous d'une semaine ici :

 Between the pavers grows a carpet of evergreen creeping thyme (Thymus serpyllum &#8

A California live oak tree (Quercus agrifolia) underplanted with a carpet of manzanita (Arcostaphylos &#8

Drifts of bright green grasses (Carex divulsa) edge the path. Lighting designer Kim Cladas chose unobtrusive bollard lighting fixtures from Germany-based SLV&#8

The clients wanted to connect indoor and outdoor spaces. In the foreground, an exuberant spray of cape rush (C. tectorum &#8

On a patio, a custom fire pit and cedar bench anchor the outdoor living space. At the edge of the patio, Festuca mairei grasses add an airy texture. See growing tips in Festuca: A Field Guide to Planting, Care & Design.

 A neutral palette of the house—concrete floors and walls, large glass openings, plywood ceilings, and steel structure—flows from indoors to outdoors, the architects said: &#8

A custom, cedar-clad rolling cover and a spa from Bradford Products are sheltered by a poured-concrete spa shell and concrete privacy walls on which grapevines (Vitis californica &#8

Bon je sais, j'aurai voulu plus de photo del'intérieur, mais rien que la vue .... Excellente semaine